“Ode To” Recipe Recap

Native foods shape regional culture, representing history, traditions, and unique flavors passed down through generations. Check in here to see our recent posts to our Ode To: Regional Recipes campaign. We explored exceptional dishes from various regions highlighting the importance of native foods in building local culture. Be inspired to try these recipes and delve into their essence!

Oregon Coast: Marionberry Cobbler. Indulge in a delicious cobbler, showcasing the rich heritage of Oregon’s coastal communities.

Elkhart County: Creamed Corn. Discover this beloved local dish, reflecting the agricultural and farm to table traditions of Elkhart County.

Oregon’s Willamette Valley: Mt Hood Strawberry and Arugula Salad. Celebrate the fertile soil and exceptional produce of the valley with a refreshing salad.

Central Oregon: Grandma’s Potato Salad. Honor the cherished memories of family gatherings and the simplicity of potato salad in Central Oregon.

Catch up on our Ode To: Regional Recipes and try these incredible dishes! Through preparing them, deepen your understanding of the cultural tapestry woven by native foods in each region. Let’s enjoy and celebrate together!